The Munich International Festival of Film Schools is a festival for a specific demographic—film schools pick a program of their best films to submit and if any of their films are chosen, the filmmaker is invited to the festival along with a representative from the school. Granted, this is not a festival open for individual filmmakers to submit, but if you are a film student at an accredited film school this festival should be high on your radarÉand on your facultyÕs radar as well.

Incredibly well run by the same organizing team who puts on the Munich Film Festival, the Festival of Film Schools pulls together impressive numbers. Often welcoming students from over 60 schools worldwide, academics from 20 countries, and audiences made up of students, filmmakers and the general populace, the Festival is a dynamic hot-bed of creative talent on the verge.

The attending student filmmakers are put up in shared housing which facilitates friendships and collaboration. The academics have the same opportunity (although from the luxury of hotel rooms) to meet colleagues from other film schools around the world. The resulting convergence creates a lively, vibrant exchange of ideas, culture and philosophies.

Much more intimate than the Berlin Talent Campus, but achieving the same goals by creating a global filmmaking social network, the Festival of Film Schools should be at the top of any film schoolÕs list of priority festivals.


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