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Reviews by Kathleen McInnis

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Kathleen McInnis In Search of Oscar 2010

An Education Hungary: Kaméleon (Chameleon), Krisztina Goda
Farewell Switzerland: Home, Ursula Meier
Red Riding 1983 France: A Prophet, Jacques Audiard
The Jazz Baroness Germany: The White Ribbon, Michael Haneke
My Son, My Son What Have You Done? Mexico: Backyard (Backyard El Traspatio), Carlos Carrera
The Road Israel: Ajami, Scandar Copti, Yaron Shani
The Last Station Croatia: Donkey, Antonio Nuic
London River South Africa:  White Wedding, Jaan Turner
Up In The Air Spain: The Dancer and the Thief ( El Baile de la Victoria), Fernando Trueba

UK: Afghan Star, Havana Marking